Manufacturing Process

Our products are made entirely by hand, from design conception to finishing.  Every detail is fashioned with the greatest care by experienced craftsmen, according to the Italian tradition.



Hand-bags of exotic leather are known universally as articles of luxury, durability, and prestige.  Exotic leather is very soft and can have extremely light nuances including pale colours.

Very few truly exotic leather bags can be found on the market because of their high prices and therefore can only be found in luxury stores.



Crocodile skin is considered the most precious leather in the world.
Indeed, an authentic crocodile bag is not available to everyone; owning one makes a statement of status synonymous with quality and exclusivity.

The marketing of our products is effected in conformation with the strict criteria and established regulations of the 1973 Washington Convention on International trade in Endangered Species, regulating trade in wild fauna and flora.
We have the pleasure of offering our clientele the finest selection of deluxe hand bags created in authentic crocodile skin entirely made by hand in our shop.
The crocodile skin we use is of exceptional quality; soft, elegant and perfectly finished so you are assured of a prestigious and exclusive product.


 The skin of an ostrich is a magnificent leather, characterized by its beauty,  its toughness and its softness. All these qualities give from the ostrich skin a leather with all the prestige of those of from crocodile or snake.

Ostrich skin yields  a very soft leather, perfectly suited to the manufacture of bags.

This type of leather is often compared to crocodile skin but it is important to understand that ostrich leather is more waterproof and more resilient than crocodile skin.

These days, authentic African ostrich skin is one of the most highly sought leathers.  It has been recognized for years for its beauty, its numerous qualities, and above all for the bumpy effect caused by the mounds remaining after the feathers have been removed, giving it a distinct appearance.(This operation is known as “perlage”)  An article made from authentic ostrich skin will last an average of 30 years, whereas an article in cow leather will last an average of 5 to 6 years.

As well, this leather is incredibly flexible, waterproof and easily worked by hand.

Handbags made from authentic ostrich leather do not require certificates, making it easy  and fast to ship anywhere in the world, without problems clearing customs or import restrictions.


 The perfect handbag for the sophisticated woman who adores prestige.

An authentic python handbag is a product of considerable distinction.

Python skin is known for its variations of color and its elasticity.

Python skin is extremely resistant and becomes more pretty with the passage of time; the scales open naturally, the leather becomes even softer and that softness allows for a perfect bag confection.  There is no doubt of the fact that python skin improves with the passage of time

Our brand is known throughout the world as a guarantee of quality, for the sale of handbags made exclusively from the most refined, selected python skins, to guarantee our clients elegance and exclusivity.


 A handbag in Iguana or lizard is truly a symbol of quality. Our natural tanning process renders these leathers not only brilliant, but also very water and weather resistant and very simple to clean.

These leathers are ideal for those who desire an authentic reptile skin handbag at a considerably lower  price, but is very refined and resilient.

Article made from these extraordinary skins exist in many forms, from the most classic to the most fashionnable

No machines are utilized for fabrication, as each piece of leatherhas its ownparticular motif of scales, which distinguishes and improves the appearance, but on the other hand making it more difficult to work. The selection of the leather is very important because it is this that indirectly creaes the bag,  The motif of each scale of each piece of leather dictates the conception and composition of the final product.

The grain of the skins of iguanas and lizard is much more fine than that of crocodile and as such is more “discrete”, also it has had much success in the creation of travel bags, wallets and document holders.  Not forgetting its very resilient texture and its beauty which improves with age.

Our skins are tanned with vegetal products. This work process demands time and is completed in several stages.

This permits the improvement of texture and appearance with age, while retaining its beauty and elegance.

Our artisans are experienced professionals  in their areas of expertise. Their objective is the creation of “jewels”, which capture the imagination of our clients and will make you feel special.

Our workshop is equally specialized in the fabrication of small articles for men as well as women, all strictly MADE BY HAND.

 …a line where nothing is considered as accomplished except where all is pure prestige and extreme refinement